Small Claims in Oregon: How to Recover Monies Owed to You by a Business, Vendor, or Renter

Small Claims

In Oregon, if your claim is $10,000 or less, you may want to consider filing your claim in either the Small Claims court or as a Small Claim & Notice of Small Claim in the civil division of the Circuit Court. Your filing fee will be much less ($57-$102 vs. upwards of $500) and the length of time to trial is also compressed. But you are not allowed to bring an attorney with you to court.

Rules and Statutes that Govern Process Service in Oregon

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When it comes to service of process in Oregon, there are several laws and statutes that govern the procedures of various types of documents and proceedings. This is why it’s important to work with a process server who cares about training and professional development. You don’t want your case to fall apart because the process server didn’t follow the rules.

5 Signs You Need to Hire a Private Investigator

The world of private investigations often seems shrouded in mystery and intrigue. In fact, when I became a licensed investigator, my friends thought I had become the coolest kid on the block.