Nearly every type of business in the state of Oregon is required to have a Registered Agent or Registered Office (ORS 60.111). 

You give this information to the Secretary of State’s office when you register your business with them. 

Your Registered Agent may be, but need not be, the same as any of your places of business as long as that registered office is located at a physical street address where process may be personally served on the registered agent.

IMPORTANT: The registered office may not be a commercial mail receiving agency, a mail forwarding business or a virtual office and must have someone available during business hours to accept service of process.

Because we have a dedicated receptionist at our location, we can serve as your Registered Agent, Registered Office, or Process Agent. 

The fee for this service is $50/year; with additional fees incurred whenever we accept an item on your behalf. 

If you are interested in having us act as your Registered Agent, please reach out to us at