Terms & Conditions

Process Service

All process service orders for new clients must be paid for in advance of any attempts. On subsequent orders, we may discuss invoicing terms that allow you to pay immediately after the work is done.

Once an order has been placed for process service, and the first attempt has been made, there is no cancellation or refund. If you find out that you need to cancel an order that you’ve already paid for (and we haven’t yet done the first attempt), we are happy to refund you minus a 5% cancellation fee. Our credit card processor does not give us a full refund on any transactions, therefore, we have to pass that on to you.

Private Investigation

All background checks for new clients must be paid for in advance. As with process service, if you determine that you do not need the background check after you’ve paid for it and before we’ve done any work, we may give you a full refund minus a 5% cancellation fee. On projects where you pay a retainer, the terms of that payment will be governed by our contract with you.