Solid Serve Legal provides bundled and a la carte eviction services to the entire state of Oregon. We offer high value solutions to individual landlords as well as large property managers.

We can file your paperwork with the state’s district court, serve it to your renters, and follow-up by appearing in court when needed. 

We use ServeManager software to document everything and you’ll be notified by email each time we move on your behalf.

Our eviction services include:

  • Print and mail of 10-day and 30-day notices (Certificate of Service provided)
  • Service of termination notices and other eviction related documents
  • e-Filing of Eviction Summons & Complaints; Notice of Restitution; Writ of Execution;
  • Appearance in court for FEDs

Solid Serve Legal has NO attorneys on staff and will not provide legal advice or services, engage in the practice of law, assess validity of termination notices or the possibility defenses or counterclaims.