Small ClaimsRecover Monies Owed to You by Past Renters, Clients, or Vendors

You can file a Small Claims Complaint in Oregon when the value you are trying to recover is $10,000 or less and you don’t want to use an attorney. (No attorney representation is allowed in Small Claims cases.)

If you’ve made a good faith effort to collect the debt — and have documented your efforts* — then filing a small claim can be an effective way to recover the money that is owed to you.

The paperwork to start your Small Claim is available online here. If you need help filling out and filing the paperwork, we can assist you with that document preparation.

The court charges a filing fee of between $57-$102, depending on the amount of your claim. We charge an additional $95 to fill out and file the paperwork on your behalf.

Once the claim has been filed, we can help you get it served on your defendant(s). To see your options, visit our Process Service page.

Please give us a call if you have additional questions: 503.928.6362


*Documentation includes things like emails, written letters, records of phone calls, text messages, etc. The best documentation will include a demand letter sent via Certified Mail. Keep good records of all your efforts to be used in your trial.