Our Intent: Create the BEST legal support services company, period.

Born out of a desire to radically support paralegals, solo attorneys, and pro se individuals, we aim to ensure that the important work of justice gets accomplished every day.

We are built on a foundation of integrity. We stand firm and deliver on every promise we make, so we don’t make them lightly. And we are honest in every interaction with an eye toward the highest ethics.

We are built on the value of extreme service — and give our best to our clients, to the community, and to justice. In fact, we pledge to work daily toward a more just society in everything we do.

We believe in the power of relationships. And that relationships are based on solid communication. We promise to be responsive and clear and want to work with those who also value clarity and responsiveness.

We believe that every human deserves kindness and compassion — even (and especially!) those embroiled in our justice system. We treat everyone we come in contact with according to the Golden Rule. 

We believe in the power of details. That getting things done quickly should never be more important than making sure every important detail is attended to with care.

We believe in the power of technology to help us get things right. We embrace technology when doing so helps us cut down on repetitive tasks, cut down on use of paper and fuel, and ensures every project is completed perfectly. But we don’t chase after technology unnecessarily. 

We believe in the power of learning. That every day is a new opportunity to grow and develop into better versions of ourselves. We take formal professional development seriously AND we look for informal ways to learn new things, too.

About our logo: the Icosahedron

Solid Serve Legal icosahedron

This 20-sided polyhedron is one of the five Platonic Solids and represents the element of water. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are all intimately familiar with the power of water and understand that going with the flow is often more effective than trying to paddle upstream.

We also know that water is relentless and always finds a way forward, under, around, or through. We believe this image is a great representation of the spirit of our company and the work we do for our clients and community.