Tea Godfrey, paralegal and process server
Tea Godfrey, paralegal and process server

Whether you’re a Pro Se litigant or a solo attorney who specializes in estate planning, property, employment, or business law, you need top-notch legal assistance that never cuts corners; that’s why you want me (Tea Godfrey) and Solid Serve Legal.

Based in Clackamas County, Oregon, I have over a decade of legal work in the areas of personal injury, employment, estate planning, family law, and business law. I’ve also helped innumerable legal advisors and firms with all sorts of process serving and delegated work. Get in touch with me online or at (503) 928-6362 for an experienced, highly-informed paralegal that can help you with every nuance of your project.

I am a member of:

  • National Association of Professional Process Servers
  • Oregon Association of Process Servers
  • Oregon Paralegal Association
  • National Notary Association